ACES 2015 Emerging Leaders Workshop

ACES would like to announce the 2015 Emerging Leaders Workshop to be held at the ACES conference in Philadelphia, PA on Thursday, October 8, 2015 from 8:00 a.m. to 1:20 p.m.. Drs. Jennifer Jordan, ACES Secretary and Tracey Robert, Past-president of NARACES and ASERVIC and a panel of current leaders will conduct the workshop with special guests Thelma Duffey, ACA President-Elect and Nicole Hill, ACES Past-President. Breakfast will be provided for all participants.

The Emerging Leaders workshop is designed to help students and new faculty members in their first to third years of employment discover how leadership can enhance their own professional development, to enhance the diversity of ACES, and to help engage talented and dedicated leaders within ACES. In addition, the presenters will provide an overview of ACES and its 5 regional leadership opportunities and introduce participants to current leadership. Invited participants will receive a stipend of $100 for attendance to the workshop and conference.

A review panel will select attendees with a demonstrated commitment to the profession of Counselor Education and Supervision, leadership experience and potential, and participation in state, regional, and/or national ACES organizations and conferences. Emerging leaders that represent racial and ethnic diversity are particularly encouraged to apply.

To apply: Only self-nominations will be accepted. Applications must be submitted electronically and include:
- a letter of nomination including a statement from the nominee (no more than one page) as to why he or she wants to be a ACES Emerging Leader;
- and the nominee's vitae including ACES home region (WACES, SACES, RMACES, NARACES, or NCACES) as well as graduate or faculty status.

Applications are due by June 15.

Please submit applications to: no later than June 15.

Dr. Jennifer Jordan Dr. Tracey Robert ACES Emerging Leaders Committee Chairs

To be clear this opportunity is available to graduate students and faculty that have served three years or less in an academic position.